16 Safe and Efficient Weight Loss Methods  

Protein intake for adults should be 0.84g/kg body weight for males and 0.75g for women. Athletes and regular exercisers will require extra weight, roughly 1.2–2.0 g/kg.  

If you notice that you're hungry right after breakfast, it may be time to up your protein consumption.  

Cakes, pastries, ice cream, candy, and sugary beverages all include added sugar. These foods all have high calorie contents, and the more you consume, the more you'll want to eat.  

Maintaining proper hydration levels can boost energy and decrease hunger. Our thirst and hunger signals can sometimes be confused.   

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Another high-calorie food source is fried foods.  

Incorporate fiber-rich plant-based foods like fruits and vegetables. To fulfill the necessary amounts, try to consume two cups of fruit and three cups of vegetables.  

Although nuts and nut butters can be excellent sources of protein and fiber, they still have a high calorie content, so it's crucial to watch how much you eat.  

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