1933 Double Eagle: A Mysterious Coin with a Market Value of More Than $30 Million 

This seemingly ordinary coin is anything but; it has a storied past, shrouded in mystery and controversy, and commands a market value that exceeds $30 million.  

What makes this coin so special, and why does it continue to fascinate collectors and historians alike? 

The 1933 Double Eagle was originally intended for circulation during the height of the Great Depression in the United States.  

Designed by renowned sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the Double Eagle features Lady Liberty striding forward on the obverse, with a majestic eagle in flight on the reverse.  

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However, despite being minted, the vast majority of these coins were never released into circulation. 

As a result, nearly all 1933 Double Eagles were ordered to be melted down, with only a handful of specimens officially preserved for museums. 

However, a small number of 1933 Double Eagles managed to escape the melting pot under mysterious circumstances.  

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