24 Simple Cake Recipes Like Mom Made  

Chocolate courgette cake is delicious! This courgette cake is light, fluffy, and has an amazing vanilla icing.  

Strawberry Dump Cake layers store-bought cake mix, strawberry pie filling, and butter. Make it dairy-free, gluten-free, or vegan with simple changes. The easiest dessert!  

Cake with Chia Enjoy this beautiful chia seed cake with afternoon coffee or tea. Nothing beats a soft sponge with citrus flavors and chia seeds for crunch.  

Gingerbread This recipe makes a delicate, delectable gingerbread cake. One that will wow everyone and have them asking how you did it.  

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The whoopie pie cake recipe is delightful! Our family loves this birthday cake because of its chocolatey richness and excellent frosting!  

Gingerbread spice cake with mascarpone icing is a festive dessert that can be made any time of year “just because”.  

Delicious chocolate cup cake is suitable for one or two. No fridge-calling leftovers!  

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