7 Types of Tortoiseshell Cats and Kitten

The patches on their coat are usually well-defined and evenly distributed. These cats have a striking appearance and are often known for their feisty and independent personalities. 

The dilute tortoiseshell cat, also known as a blue-cream cat, has a softer color palette. The black patches are replaced by shades of gray, and the orange patches become more muted.  

The chocolate tortoiseshell cat is a rare variation of the classic tortoiseshell. Instead of black, their coat features patches of chocolate brown, cream, and orange. 

These cats are known for their playful and curious nature, always ready to explore their surroundings. 

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The calico tortoiseshell cat is a combination of tortoiseshell and white patches. Their coat can have a mix of black, orange, cream, and white colors. 

The torbie tortoiseshell cat is a cross between a tortoiseshell and a tabby cat. They have the distinctive tortoiseshell coat pattern but with the addition of tabby stripes. 

The patched tabby tortoiseshell cat, also known as a torbie tabby, has a combination of tortoiseshell and tabby patterns. 

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