8 Simone Biles-Named Gymnastics Moves: A Visual Guide

In recognition of her extraordinary talent and influence, several gymnastics moves have been named after her.

The Awe-Inspiring Moves 1. The Biles I Named after Simone Biles, the Biles I is a floor exercise move that involves a double layout with a half twist

This complex tumbling pass showcases Biles’ incredible power and precision, earning her acclaim for its difficulty and execution.

The Biles II Similar to the Biles I, the Biles II is another floor exercise move performed by Simone Biles.

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It features a triple twisting double backflip, a feat of athleticism that demonstrates Biles’ exceptional aerial awareness and control.

The Biles Beam On the balance beam, the Biles Beam is a skill performed by Biles that involves a double-double dismount.

The Biles Vault In the vault event, the Biles Vault is a Yurchenko half-on, double twist off vault, showcasing Biles’ explosive power and dynamic execution.

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