A Chocolatier Explains Exactly How To Pair Coffee And Chocolate in USA

the topic is actually a bit more complicated than simply pairing any coffee with any chocolate — there are coffee roasts and types of chocolate that complement each other better than other pairings. 

the very best ways to pair the two, Tasting Table spoke with an expert: Nicole Patel, owner and chocolatier of Delysia Chocolatier. 

she also noted that it doesn't hurt to experiment with unconventional combinations.  

, if you want to take an expert's advice, here's what Patel has to say about the best coffee and chocolate combinations for each type of chocolate: dark, milk, and white. 

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If you prefer dark chocolate, then you know that it's defined by its bittersweet nature — which, as Patel explains, pairs best with coffees that are "bold and robust," such as darker roasts and espresso. 

She continues, "The stronger coffee flavor can stand up to the intensity of the darker chocolate to create a harmonious balance. 

when it comes to pairing dark chocolate and coffee, it's also important to pay attention to the chocolate's cacao percentage, also known as the cocoa percentage. 

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