A six-figure sales price is expected to be realized with 5,000 FRN.  

Such is the case with an exceptionally rare $5,000 Federal Reserve Note, slated to hit the auction block with expectations of fetching a six-figure sum.

The $5,000 Federal Reserve Note holds a special place in the annals of American currency.

They were issued in limited quantities and featured intricate designs and security features to deter counterfeiting.

The note that has recently garnered attention is one of the finest examples known to exist, adding to its appeal and anticipated value at auction.

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What sets this particular $5,000 Federal Reserve Note apart is not only its rarity but also its historical context. 

These high-denomination notes were discontinued in 1969 as part of a broader effort to combat money laundering and organized crime.

As a result, surviving examples, especially those in pristine condition, have become highly sought after by collectors seeking to own a piece of American financial history.

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