A Yorkshire Terrier puppy’s training schedule

This breed, known for its vivacity, intelligence, and affectionate nature, can be a delightful companion when trained properly. 

This blog post will guide you through a comprehensive training schedule for your Yorkshire Terrier puppy, ensuring a well-behaved and happy pet. 

Housebreaking: Introduce a consistent bathroom schedule. Crate Training: Familiarize your puppy with the crate as a safe space.

Socialization: Introduce to different people, pets, and environments. Leash Training: Start short, guided walks on a leash.

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Advanced Commands: Teach ‘heel’, ‘leave it’, and ‘down’. Bite Inhibition: Train your puppy to understand the force of their bite.

Daily Routine: Establish a consistent schedule for meals, walks, and training. Potty Training: Ensure your puppy is reliably housebroken.

Focus: Dealing with distractions in public. Key Point: Training in diverse environments solidifies obedience.

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