American Dog Signs of Happiness  

Soft, relaxed gaze Your dog’s facial expressions can say a lot about how they’re feeling.

A happy dog, for instance, has a soft gaze with eyes opened wide, Bekoff says. They may also blink their eyes frequently.

Happy facial expression A relaxed, open mouth with a lolling tongue can indicate dog happiness. 

According to Bekoff, happy dogs have loose jaws and may look like they’re smiling with the corners of their mouth turned up.

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Tail and body wagging How do you know if your dog is happy? Check the tail. A gentle, loose tail wag can indicate happiness in a dog.

Dogs that are feeling happy may wag their tail slowly and widely from side to side, with their tail in a neutral position or slightly raised.

Loose, bouncy stride When out for a stroll, a happy dog is at complete ease with fully relaxed muscles.

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