American Foods That People From Other Countries Are Obsessed in USA

These dishes are staples for anyone wanting to taste the essence of American culinary tradition. 

. From coast to coast, here are 12 American foods that have won hearts across the globe. 

cheesy potatoes, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. First, you've got that gooey, melty cheese that makes everything better.  

Then, there's the comfort of soft, fluffy potatoes that fill you up just right. 

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Add in some spices or maybe even a bit of bacon, and you've got a dish that screams "homey comfort. 

Made famous by New Englanders, there is arguably no American food more decadent than lobster rolls.  

Luscious lobster meat combined with mayonnaise stuffed into a soft roll is a dish that people worldwide love, especially tourists to the United States.  

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