American Recipes You Can Prepare With A Pound of Taco Meat  

I use them in this saucy casserole that has irresistible home-cooked flavor and a subtle kick.

Instant Pot Taco Pasta This Instant Pot taco pasta is a welcome change from boring meals.

I've taken all the flavors of tacos and created an easy pasta dish. Kids love the taste, and Mom loves how quick and easy it comes together.

Air-Fryer Taquitos I love these any-occasion appetizers. Spice them up by adding sliced jalapenos, if desired.

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Enchilada Casser-Ole! My husband loves this casserole, so it never lasts too long in our house. 

Packed with black beans, cheese, tomatoes and southwestern flavor, it's an impressive-looking entree that's as simple as it is delicious.

Air-Fryer Taco Twists For a mouthwatering change of pace, try these air-fried tacos baked in flaky, golden crescent rolls.

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