Arnold Palmer-Style Fried Chicken in USA

while the latter may sound like the most basic element of the brunch item, it's anything but ordinary.  

Tasting Table spoke with Jeff McInnis, executive chef at Root & Bone and its Miami neighbor Stiltsville Fish Bar, to get the inside scoop on his unique twist on classic fried chicken. 

According to McInnis, the signature dish is a true Arnold Palmer-style fried chicken. 

If you need a refresher, the Arnold Palmer is a drink that mixes together iced tea and lemonade, which is exactly the flavor combo the Miami restaurant uses with its poultry. 

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Our signature at Root & Bone is a very unique recipe. We brine the chicken in a sweet tea for at least one day with some salt," McInnis told us. 

We'll shout the benefits of marinating your soon-to-be fried chicken in sweet tea from the rooftops, as doing so brings plenty of delightful flavor and extra juiciness. 

McInnis' lead, bring your sweet tea and salt to a boil until the salt dissolves, then let it cool. Make sure your poultry is completely submerged in the liquid, then let it sit in the fridge for over a day before you start breading and cooking. 

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