Best Coffee Shop Pastries Ranked  

Banana Bread This pastry has a peculiar flavor that some like, others dislike. Though sweet and fruity, banana doesn't necessarily go well with coffee.   

Bear Paw Between a donut and danish is the Bear Claw, a bear-paw-shaped puff pastry. It's a niche dessert—not every coffee shop provides it  

A coffee shop favorite, the cheese danish never disappoints. Even if cheese and dough are great, they don't make the top five pastries because we desire coffee.  

Match made in heaven. Sugar-filled cinnamon rolls are thick and gooey. With this goodie, though: It's not a light morning pastry like I usually have.   

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Scones, a tea party favorite, combine well with coffee due to their buttery sweetness. Blueberry scones are distinguished by their fresh, delicious cores.  

Chocolate croissants are the perfect complement to any coffee drink: Chocolate croissant and vanilla latte? Yes. Chocolate croissant and mocha? Yes.   

Coffee shops serve pumpkin muffins throughout pumpkin season, which has some of the best coffee and pastries.  

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