Rarest Pennies in the United State

The fledgling United States established the first Mint in Philadelphia in 1792. At the time Philadelphia was the nation’s capital. Since then, the U.S. Mint has operated additional branches in San Francisco, Denver, and West Point. 

The 1793 Chain Large Cent was the first official one cent coin ever created by the United States Mint in Philadelphia. Like the other two 1793 large one cent designs 

Of the three large one cent coins produced in 1793, the Liberty Cap Large Cent is the rarest. Only about 11,056 Liberty Cap Large Cents were minted and only two in mint condition  

The 1856 Flying Eagle Cent is one of the most highly sought after pennies by collectors. In fact, the 1856 Flying Eagle penny is so popular that it is responsible for popularizing coin  

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The 1909 VDB Matte Proof Lincoln Cent is the rarest of all matte proof pennies produced between 1909 – 1916. 

The 1969-S Doubled Die Obverse penny has an interesting story that links it to several counterfeit pennies made in the same year that also feature doubled die markings 

Like most of the pennies on this list, the rarity of the 1944-S Lincoln Steel Penny is due to it being an accidental error. In 1944, pennies were supposed to revert back from steel to copper/bronze 

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