Cheeses On Earth

From creamy to crumbly, mild to intense, the world of cheese offers something for every palate. 

our take on the top 8 cheeses on Earth, celebrating the diversity and deliciousness of this dairy delight. 

Known as the ‘King of Cheeses’, aged for a minimum of 12 months, it has a rugged, granular texture and a rich, nutty flavor. 

– Ranges from mild to extra sharp. Aged cheddar becomes increasingly complex and savory. Uses: Sandwiches, burgers, and as a staple on cheese platters.

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Features: A soft cheese with a creamy, buttery texture and a mild, earthy flavor. Uses: Baked as a starter, spread on bread, or paired with fruit.

Comes in young and aged varieties. Young Gouda is mild and creamy, while aged Gouda is complex and sweet, with caramel notes. 

– A brined curd cheese, crumbly in texture with a salty, tangy taste. Uses: Salads, especially the classic Greek salad, and in pastries.

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