Classic Swedish Recipes You’ll Love in USA

This thick and creamy dessert is my interpretation of my mother’s recipe for Swedish krem. 

This decadent Swedish apple pie serves up homemade flavor in every bite. This is a perfect snack with coffee or as an after-dinner treat.  

These old-fashioned pancakes are fluffy inside and crispy outside. Onion adds nice flavor. 

Mom got this recipe from Grandma, so we've enjoyed it for years.  

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My daughter-in-law, a gourmet cook, served this cream of mushroom soup recipe as the first course for a holiday dinner. 

She received the recipe from her mom and graciously shared it with me. Now I'm happy to share it with my own friends and family.  

This recipe came from my mother, and it's long been a family favorite. You can make a meal of it with soup and a salad. 

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