Comfort Foods in USA 

You’ll definitely want to make some of these yummy feasts on repeat, whether that’s the Instant Pot short ribs, chicken pot pie soup or even lamb Bolognese. 

These comfort food classics are full-flavored, easy to make and sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. 

If you are a fan of pressure cooking and tasty Instant Pot recipes. This Instant Pot pork loin roast is an especially great recipe. 

This lasagna al forno is an authentic Italian dish bursting with rich meaty flavors, homemade bechamel sauce, veggies and more. 

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American chop suey is a delicious dish that’s popular in the New England region. Also known as American goulash, this dish is meaty and tasty. 

Boeuf bourguignon is one of the best French recipes. This flavourful beef recipe combines the meat with red wine for an exquisite dish. This dish is sometimes called beef burgundy. 

A good Swedish meatball recipe with a creamy gravy means you can avoid the Ikea crowds and make them yourself at home. 

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