Cream Cheese Dessert in USA

It's cream cheese! Baking with cream cheese is a total game changer and these 23 perfect desserts prove it. 

Give these recipes a try and you will see that cream cheese may just be the best ingredient ever. 

This delicious Baklava Cheesecake recipe is crispy and creamy at the same time, hands down the most delicious cheesecake.

This easy Sicilian Ricotta pie with a hint of lemon is one of the creamiest, most delicious Pie.

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This jiggly Japanese cheesecake is a unique dessert that stands out for its soft, jiggly texture and delicate flavor. 

Made primarily with cream cheese and eggs, this sponge-like cheesecake has a souffle-like consistency that's both jiggly and fluffy.  

To achieve its signature texture, the recipe calls for whipped egg whites, which are gently folded into the batter.  

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