Dishes From the 1970s That Are No Longer in American History  

Creamed Vegetables Sure, you might see creamed spinach on a menu occasionally, but creamed vegetables used to be a staple at most meals. 

People used to cream every veggie they could get their hands on, including carrots, broccoli, peas, corn, Brussels sprouts, and more.

Spam Spam hasn't necessarily vanished, but many people turn their noses up at this canned ham product nowadays.

They'd add chopped Spam to salads, and bread slices and fry them, add it to chili, mix it into peach cups, and other atrocious uses.

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Aspics Aspics were a dark time in culinary history

They're a meat jelly or savory gelatin dish that can consist of anything from oysters to ground beef to carrots to boiled eggs, all disgustingly encased in gelatin.

This dish seems abhorrent, but they were common because they were a great way to use leftovers or food that was about to spoil.

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