Egg Recipes Perfect for Dinner in USA

it is to have some egg-based recipes for those busy nights, to prepare something simple that is nutritious and also delicious. 

Eggs are truly the ultimate quick fix. They’re packed with protein, inexpensive, and usually we've got a dozen or so in the fridge, ready to go. 

Think of recipes such as a quick quiche, poached egg on top of a green salad, a rich Shakshuka, or fantastic Italian eggs. 

If you’re torn between hot and sour soup and egg drop soup, why not enjoy both in one dish? This Hot and Sour Egg Drop Soup combines these two classic Chinese dishes into one beautiful and hearty bowl. 

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It's the perfect soup for chilly days when you need something to warm your body and soul. 

Why only have eggs for breakfast when you could also have them for dinner? These Quick Italian Eggs are cooked in a rich tomato sauce and topped off with Parmesan cheese. 

Even on those busy weekdays, you can enjoy this simple dinner that feels somehow fancy. Don't forget to serve this delicious Italian meal with some crusty bread. 

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