Etiquette Experts Reveal the 5 Rudest Things to Ask Guests to Bring

. While it’s common for hosts to request guests to bring items, certain things are considered impolite or even rude.  

A top faux pas in hosting is asking guests to bring expensive gifts or specific items. This puts undue pressure on them and makes them uncomfortable, especially if they cannot afford what is requested. 

A gracious host should allow guests the freedom to choose their gifts, if any, and appreciate the gesture, regardless of the item’s cost or nature. 

Asking guests to bring their own chairs or tableware can be perceived as a lack of preparation or an unwillingness to accommodate them properly. 

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They are known for their deep purple color and rich, fruity flavor. These olives are often used in Greek salads and are a perfect pairing with feta cheese. 

It’s the host’s responsibility to ensure that adequate seating and dining arrangements are made for all guests. 

While potluck-style gatherings are acceptable, there is a fine line between asking for a contribution and demanding an excessive amount. 

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