Fast-food French fries in the USA, ranked from worst to best 

French fries are a beloved staple of American fast food cuisine, with their crispy exterior and fluffy interior enticing taste buds across the nation.  

From soggy disappointments to golden perfection, here's a definitive ranking of fast-food French fries in the USA, from worst to best. 

Burger King's fries often fall short of expectations. They lack the crispy texture and flavorful seasoning that define great fries.  

The thin cut and often limp consistency make them forgettable compared to other options on this list.  

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While some appreciate their skin-on preparation for a rustic feel, others find them too potato-heavy and lacking in crispiness.  

Despite their attempts to stand out with a more "natural" approach, they miss the mark for many fry enthusiasts. 

McDonald's fries are iconic, but they've seen better days. While they once dominated the fast-food fry scene, recent changes to their recipe have left fans divided. 

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