Five Centennial Quarter: Exceeding a valuation of $90 million 

The story of the Five Centennial Quarter Collection begins with the release of the United States Mint's Statehood Quarter Program in 1999.  

Commemorating each of the 50 states, the program produced five quarters annually, each featuring a unique design representative of its respective state.  

While millions of these quarters were minted, a small number of errors and anomalies occurred during production, resulting in coins with unique characteristics that distinguish them from the rest. 

Driven by a passion for numismatics and a keen eye for rarity, the collector behind the Five Centennial Quarter Collection embarked on a quest to acquire these elusive gems. 

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Central to the allure of the Five Centennial Quarter Collection are the rare and coveted specimens it contains.  

Among them are quarters with doubled dies, off-center strikes, and missing clad layers, each representing a distinct and fascinating error in the minting process.  

These anomalies, while imperceptible to the untrained eye, elevate these coins to the status of numismatic treasures. 

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