Foods With Fermentation Boost Gut Health  

It's enjoyable to ferment. Every batch is a miniature scientific experiment that you may consume.  

Using bacteria or yeasts as catalysts, fermentation reduces carbs to alcohol or organic acids while stifling oxygen.  

These meals are linked to better health because they have more complex flavors and diversify our gut flora.  

Every dinner at home concludes with a large glass of chaas, or spiced buttermilk, which is supposed to help with digestion.  

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My grandma used to pickle cauliflower, onions, carrots, cucumbers, ginger, and cabbage, as I recall.  

Less food waste made life easier, and those foods went really well with rice or roti.  

Delicious fermented foods include the fermented garlic, onion chutney, and cilantro coconut. Its flavor depth is unequaled.   

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