Four 18th-century Pennies with a $550 million USD value 

Amidst the tumult of the Civil War and the nation's westward expansion, the U.S. Mint was producing coins to meet the demands of a growing economy.  

Among these were the 1854 and 1856 Flying Eagle pennies, and the 1879 and 1884 Flowing Hair Stella coins.  

Each of these pennies bears unique characteristics that contribute to their extraordinary value. 

The 1854 and 1856 Flying Eagle pennies marked a departure from the large cents that preceded them, featuring a smaller diameter and a new design showcasing a majestic flying eagle. 

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However, due to production difficulties and public skepticism, the mint quickly halted production, rendering these coins exceptionally rare.  

The 1879 and 1884 Flowing Hair Stella coins, on the other hand, were experimental pieces intended for use in proposed international trade agreements. 

What sets these pennies apart, beyond their rarity, are the stories woven into their existence.  

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