Cheap Snacks That'll Make Your Taste Buds Think You're Rich in USA

Treat your taste buds without breaking the bank! This list showcases 12 affordable snacks that deliver rich flavors at a low cost. 

The beauty of a grilled cheese sandwich is that anyone can get creative with its ingredients. 

Whether you go with the tried-and-true American cheese and white bread or go the artisanal route with fresh veggies and Gouda cheese.

there are near-endless delicious combinations to work with. In addition, you can use any bread you want for maximum versatility. 

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orget Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Cinnamon sugar toast is the original humble treat countless people still enjoy today! "We used to have a bowl of premixed cinnamon and sugar that my mom would make for toast," recalls one woman. 

I've never heard of rice cereal for dessert, but I confess it sounds tasty based on its ingredients! "We had rice, milk, and sugar for dessert a lot growing up," explains one man. 

the microwave is all it took. I still think it tastes amazing!" Note to self: I must try rice cereal for dessert one of these days. 

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