Making of Perfume 

The world of perfumes is as complex as it is enchanting. Understanding the different types of perfumes is essential for choosing the right fragrance for any occasion. 

Perfumes are categorized based on their concentration of fragrance oils and the ingredients used. Here’s a guide to the eight basic types of perfumes, helping you navigate this aromatic world. 

Lightest Form: Contains water with a very small amount of fragrance oil. Characteristics: Provides a light, refreshing scent that’s not overwhelming.

Ideal For: Immediate freshness, perfect for after a shower or during the summer months.

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Pure Scent: No alcohol content, composed purely of aromatic oils. Characteristics: Highly concentrated and long-lasting, with a more intimate scent radius.

Understanding these eight basic types of perfumes can greatly enhance your fragrance experience. 

Whether you prefer a bold Parfum or a subtle Eau Fraiche, there’s a type of perfume that fits every person, occasion, and mood 

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