NFL Draft First Round: Instant Grades for 10 Pick

While beaches worldwide offer an array of beautiful shells, some specimens stand out due to their rarity, unique characteristics, and elusive nature. 

The Jaguars made a bold move by selecting Jordan Thompson, a highly touted quarterback known for his arm strength, mobility, and football IQ.  

With the potential to lead Jacksonville’s offense for years, this pick addresses a significant need and offers hope for the franchise’s future. 

The Lions bolstered their defense by selecting Marcus Williams, a versatile defensive end with the ability to disrupt passing lanes and apply consistent pressure on quarterbacks. 

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While addressing a positional need, Detroit could benefit from Williams’ athleticism and playmaking ability. 

The Texans added a dynamic playmaker in Elijah Johnson, a talented wide receiver capable of stretching defenses and creating mismatches in the passing game. 

While addressing offensive needs, Houston must ensure proper development and integration of Johnson within their offensive scheme. 

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