NFL Wild Card Round: What You Need to Know

it was a chance to dispel the season-long notion that their success was solely against weaker teams. 

the 26-7 defeat in the frigid Kansas City weather did little to change this perception, instead reinforcing the idea that the Dolphins were, in essence, the NFL’s ‘paper tiger’ of the season. 

At that time, they secured a narrow 22-20 win over the Dallas Cowboys, suggesting they were not just playoff contenders but a formidable force in the league.  

Yet, the subsequent weeks painted a different picture, raising doubts about their ability to stand up to the NFL’s elite teams. 

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A crushing 56-19 loss to the Baltimore Ravens quashed their hopes for a top seed in the AFC playoffs. 

This was followed by a defeat at the hands of the Buffalo Bills, costing them the AFC East title and relegating them to a road game in the first playoff round against the Chiefs. 

In their match against Kansas City, Miami quickly fell behind. Despite a momentary spark from a Tua Tagovailoa to Tyreek Hill touchdown, the Dolphins struggled throughout the game.  

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