Oldest Things In The World

From ancient artifacts to natural wonders, these relics and phenomena provide invaluable insights into the past, telling stories that span millions, and even billions, of years. 

The Jack Hills of Western Australia are home to the oldest known materials formed on Earth – zircon crystals. These tiny crystals offer a window into the early formation of the planet. 

Located in Canada’s Northwest Territories, the Acasta Gneiss is a type of rock that represents some of the oldest known exposed crust on Earth. 

Stromatolites, found in Shark Bay, Western Australia, are ancient structures formed by the activities of microorganisms. They are among the oldest evidence of life on Earth. 

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The Methuselah tree, located in California’s White Mountains, is one of the oldest living non-clonal organisms on Earth. 

Discovered in Kenya, these stone tools are the oldest known artifacts made by hominins, predating the genus Homo. 

Located in South Africa, the Vredefort Crater is the oldest known impact crater on Earth, offering insights into the planet’s early history of celestial collisions. 

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