Pilot in the United States Air Force becomes the first active-duty officer to win Miss America 2024 

Born into a military family, she developed a passion for aviation at a young age, inspired by her father, who served as a fighter pilot in the Air Force.  

Determined to follow in his footsteps, Garcia pursued her dream relentlessly, earning her commission as an officer and excelling in flight training. 

However, Garcia's ambitions extended beyond the cockpit.  

Garcia's decision to compete in the Miss America pageant was not just a personal ambition but also a platform to amplify her voice and advocate for the issues she cares about. 

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Throughout the competition, she impressed judges with her eloquence, poise, and genuine passion for making a positive impact. 

Her unique background as a military pilot brought a fresh perspective to the pageant stage, challenging traditional notions of beauty and femininity.  

As she soared through the competition, Garcia's authenticity and strength of character resonated with judges and audiences, ultimately propelling her to victory. 

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