Possess This Uncommon Quarter, Which Is Worth Up To $95,000? 

Among these coveted collectibles is the 1970-S Washington Quarter, a coin that has garnered attention for its elusive nature and staggering potential worth of up to $95,000. 

The story of the 1970-S Washington Quarter begins with an anomaly in the United States Mint's production process. 

In 1970, the San Francisco Mint was tasked with minting quarters for circulation.  

However, an unexpected turn of events led to the creation of a limited number of quarters bearing a different design intended for proof sets.  

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These proof coins were struck with specially polished dies, resulting in a sharp, mirrored finish that distinguishes them from regular circulation coins. 

What sets the 1970-S Washington Quarter apart from its counterparts is the absence of the customary mint mark denoting its origin.  

While most quarters minted in San Francisco during that period bear an "S" mint mark, the 1970-S quarters were mistakenly struck without this distinguishing feature. 

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