Recipe for Dooky Chase Custard Pie: A Flavor of New Orleans  

The culinary landscape of New Orleans is as rich and diverse as its culture and history. 

Among the myriad of delectable dishes that define New Orleans, Dooky Chase Custard Pie stands out as a timeless classic, embodying the essence of Creole soul food.  

Let's delve into the history and intricacies of this beloved dessert, as well as how you can recreate it in your own kitchen. 

Founded in 1941 by Emily and Dooky Chase Sr., this iconic establishment quickly became a gathering place for locals and a haven for African American culture during the era of segregation.  

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Under the leadership of Leah Chase, affectionately known as the "Queen of Creole Cuisine," Dooky Chase evolved into a culinary institution, serving up traditional Creole fare with a side of hospitality and activism. 

One of the standout desserts on Dooky Chase's menu is the Custard Pie.  

The recipe has been passed down through the Chase family, cherished as a culinary heirloom that embodies the spirit of New Orleans. 

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