Sample of Dudhi Na Muthiya: Savor the Flavors  

These delectable dumplings, made primarily from bottle gourd (dudhi), flour, and spices, are a beloved comfort food that embodies the essence of Gujarati cooking. 

Let's take a flavorful journey into the world of Dudhi Na Muthiya and uncover the secrets of its preparation. 

Dudhi Na Muthiya holds a special place in Gujarati cuisine, revered for its simplicity, versatility, and nutritional value. 

Originating from the vibrant kitchens of Gujarat, this dish is often enjoyed as a snack, appetizer, or even a light meal.  

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Its popularity extends beyond the borders of Gujarat, finding admirers across India and beyond, thanks to its delightful taste and wholesome ingredients. 

 Divide the dough into small portions and shape them into cylindrical or oval-shaped dumplings (muthiya).

 Heat oil in a pan and gently place the dumplings in it. Let them cook on low to medium heat until they turn golden brown and crispy on the outside.

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