Smartest Dog Breed

These are beautiful dogs, and they are capable of so much. They are considered the valedictorian of the dog breeds because of their high level of intelligence.  

These dogs are happy, friendly, alert and overall good dogs for many reasons. They don’t tend to spend much of their time doing anything other than loving their homes and their situations 

They’re said to be highly intelligent creatures, and that they are among the smartest. It turns out this is a true story. They are highly intelligent, but you do need to get a full-blood poodle 

These are dogs that are known for their wrinkles and their adorable ears, and they are among the smartest dogs in the world. These dogs are known for their amazing sense of smell 

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It’s the kind of dg that is high-energy and loves attention, but it’s also the kind of dog that is highly intelligent. This is not a dog that wants to spend its time lying around.  

He knew too much, he was too smart, and that’s not at all far from the truth. He’s a dog that doesn’t do well in every single climate, but he’s a dog that does well when it comes to learning 

There is a reason you see these dogs working as support animals and police dogs so often. They are smarter than the average dog, and they learn quickly. 

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