Standing Liberty Quarters, the Most Valuable at Over $100 Million USD 

Introduced in 1916, this coin was the brainchild of acclaimed sculptor Hermon Atkins MacNeil, whose design symbolized the spirit of American resilience and liberty.  

Featuring Lady Liberty standing proudly with a shield and olive branch, the coin captured the nation's ethos during a tumultuous period marked by World War I and the fight for women's suffrage. 

Despite its aesthetic appeal and historical significance, the Standing Liberty Quarter faced challenges in production, particularly in its early years.  

The initial design lacked protective features around Liberty's exposed breast, leading to public outcry and necessitating a modification to address concerns of modesty. 

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This alteration, though subtle, resulted in two distinct types of Standing Liberty Quarters: the Type 1, without the protective chain mail, and the Type 2, with the added drapery. 

However, the scarcity of Standing Liberty Quarters wasn't solely due to design issues.  

Additionally, the onset of the Great Depression led to widespread hoarding and melting of silver coins, further diminishing the already limited supply of Standing Liberty Quarters. 

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