Starbucks is bringing back its 'best drink ever' in USA

The coffee chain is launching five brand new beverages and bringing back a seasonal favourite ahead of the warmer months, with Starbucks Rewards members getting to try them before everyone else. 

Those who have a sweet tooth will be excited by the newest coffee-based drink on the menu, which is a silky smooth Crème Brulée inspired Cream Cold Foam. 

The new flavour is said to be a twist on the iconic brown sugar syrup that many add to their orders, and the coffee experts describe it as ‘delicious’ and ‘velvety’.  

Starbucks has whipped up three different ways to order the new Cream Cold Foam, all of which sound pretty dreamy. 

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The drink features the chain’s signature cold brew with a touch of vanilla syrup, topped with the Crème Brulée Cream Cold Foam and a dusting of fresh coffee grounds. 

Next up is a new Crème Brulée x Iced Brown Sugar Oat Shaken Espresso (£5 for a tall size) which is made up of Blonde Espresso roast shaken with brown sugar syrup and ice. 

The drink is topped with the Crème Brulée inspired Cold Foam and dusted with fresh coffee grounds. 

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