Strawberry Dessert in USA

The "freak" label for these decadent shakes is entirely accurate, as they get loaded with sugar, ice cream, donuts, whipped cream, and of course, rainbow sprinkles. 

These strawberry donuts earn a healthy (or well, healthier) edge by using whole wheat flour, coconut oil, and Greek yogurt.  

they're still as sweet as ever, and they'll be super tasty alongside some coffee for a nice morning treat.

This tart looks impressive, but it's not all that hard to execute. Get your hands on just 5 ingredients – store-bought pastry dough and custard help expedite the process – and you'll be well on your way to strawberry, dessert-y goodness. 

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Turns out, you can eat cookies for breakfast! These strawberry-filled lil' bites serve as a quick power-up with fruit, oats, and chia seeds.  

You can even pack a few in your lunchbox for a healthy mid-day snack sesh. 

These skewered strawberry desserts would make a fun Friday night activity to share with your boo! Simply soak some fresh berries in pink champagne overnight.

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