The Funniest Offbeat Comics That Highlight Viking Obsession  

Viking at a Map Store: A Viking, horned helmet and all, stands puzzled in a modern map store, asking for directions to England.

The juxtaposition of a historically accurate Viking lost in the modern world of GPS and map stores is a perfect example of Larson’s humor.

The Viking School: A classroom scene where the teacher, dressed in full Viking attire, scolds a young Viking student for bringing a sword

to school instead of the traditional axe. The comic cleverly plays on contemporary issues of school regulations and parental mix-ups.

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Viking Therapy Session: Depicting a Viking in therapy, lamenting that he just doesn’t feel like pillaging anymore

Larson touches on the universal theme of existential crisis with a humorous twist, showcasing the softer side of these feared warriors.

The Inept Viking: This comic shows a Viking ship about to set sail, but one Viking struggles to row in the opposite direction.

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