The top 3 motorcycles that "American Badass" and WWE Icon Undertaker own  

Among the legendary figures of the WWE stands the imposing presence of Undertaker, a name synonymous with dominance and mystique.

Beyond the squared circle, Undertaker, also known as the “American Badass,” is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, boasting a collection that mirrors

1. The Phenom’s Ride: Custom West Coast Choppers Chopper When it comes to making a grand entrance, Undertaker spares no expense.

Crafted to reflect his persona as the Lord of Darkness, this beast of a bike commands attention with its sleek design and menacing aesthetics.

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The American Badass Cruiser: Harley-Davidson Road King For fans of the Attitude Era, Undertaker’s transformation into the American Badass was a game-changer.

Alongside his persona shift came a new set of wheels: the iconic Harley-Davidson Road King.

Its rarity, historical significance, and association with a prominent figure in early American history make it a prized possession for collectors and investors alike. 

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