The Top 5 Most Priceless American Coins That Are Still in Use  

Whether you’re scouring through rolls of coins from the bank or simply checking your pocket change after a trip to the store,

And with millions of coins in circulation across the country, the possibilities are endless!

1943 Copper Penny First up on our list is the elusive 1943 copper penny. 

During World War II, copper was in high demand for the war effort, leading the U.S. Mint to produce pennies made of zinc-coated steel.

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However, a small number of pennies were mistakenly struck on copper planchets, making them extremely rare and valuable.

Keep an eye out for these copper beauties in your pocket change – you never know when you might strike gold!

1955 Double Die Penny Next on our list is the iconic 1955 double die penny This rare error occurred when the coin’s design was stamped onto the die twice

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