The Unhealthiest Yogurt Brands in the United States  

The Greek Gods Of all the types of yogurt out there, Greek yogurt is by far one of the healthiest and most delicious.

It contains high levels of protein and live bacteria. Plus, it's frequently available in low-fat versions.

Stonyfield Organic Regular whole-milk yogurt can put some people off because of its fat content. 

Stonyfield's Organic Chocolate Underground Nonfat Yogurt Cups are a good example of where nonfat yogurt can go badly.

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So Delicious So Delicious does its yogurt a little differently.

With its range of dairy-free yogurt alternatives made from coconut milk, the food company shows that you don't have to be able to eat dairy to enjoy the creamy dessert. 

Great Value For many people, yogurt is an essential fridge item due to a combination of its deliciousness, nutritiousness, and relative cheapness.

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