The Utterly Worst American Pizza Chains 

Pizza is a beloved staple of American cuisine, but not all pizza is created equal. 

From soggy crusts to lackluster toppings, these pizza chains have earned a reputation for being the absolute worst in America. 

Once a dominant force in the pizza industry, Pizza Hut has fallen from grace in recent years.  

Known for its greasy crusts and lack of quality ingredients, Pizza Hut's offerings often leave much to be desired. 

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While Little Caesars may lure customers in with its promise of hot and ready pizzas at a low price, the quality of their pies leaves much to be desired. 

With pre-made, mass-produced pizzas sitting under heat lamps for hours, the freshness factor is sorely lacking.  

Little Caesars may be convenient and affordable, but it certainly doesn't deliver when it comes to taste and quality. 

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