Things A Guy Should Understand About His Wife  

Thoughtful gifts are her weakness Sure, you could get her a pair of slippers for the second year in a row, or you could get her something more thoughtful

Whether it’s a book she’s been wanting to read, tickets to an event that she casually mentioned, or snagging that hard-to-get reservation 

She still wants you to “date” her Remember when you first met her and you did everything and anything you could to woo her? 

Well, she misses that! Just because you’re married doesn’t mean that there’s no room to impress each other. 

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She wants appreciation, not just compliments A simple “you look nice” is always great to hear, but expressing genuine appreciation for her efforts, big and small, goes a long way.

Thank her for cooking dinner, running errands, or simply being there for you

She Needs Time for Herself Every person needs time for self-care and pursuing what they’re passionate about. 

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