Things That Are 9 Years Old or More

This journey not only serves as a trip down memory lane but also helps us appreciate the relentless march of time and the ever-changing landscape of technology, culture, and society. 

Nine years ago, we were just getting acquainted with the likes of the iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4. These devices, which now seem rudimentary, were the pioneers in shaping the smartphone revolution.  

They introduced features like fingerprint scanning and high-resolution cameras, setting the stage for today’s advanced models. 

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn were already popular nine years ago, but they have since undergone significant transformations. 

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They’ve evolved from simple networking sites to complex ecosystems influencing news, politics, and global communication. 

Reflect on blockbusters and series that are now a decade old. Movies like ‘Frozen’ and ‘Gravity’, and TV shows like ‘Breaking Bad’, have left indelible marks on pop culture. 

The Curiosity Rover’s landing on Mars in 2012, now over a decade old, marked a monumental step in space exploration, significantly advancing our understanding of the Red Planet. 

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