Things You Must Never Share With Your Spouse  

If you think it might hurt your partner, it's sometimes better not to say it. Hurtful words, especially in arguments, can cause long-term damage.

That They’re Overreacting Has anybody ever calmed down after being told they’re overreacting in an argument

You should never say this to your partner because it sounds like you’re minimizing their feelings. 

That Your Ex is Better You don’t need to hide the fact you’ve had previous relationships but comparing your current partner to your ex isn't going to help anyone.

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Psych Central warns that comparing your relationship can make things worse, bringing up resentment.

That You Hate Their Family Trouble with in-laws is a tale as old as time, but you need to be careful how you deal with it.

That They’re Stupid Sometimes, our partners do things that baffle us, but calling someone you love ‘stupid’ is unacceptable

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