Top Dog Breeds in the USA for Disobedience 

For those who appreciate a dog with a rebellious streak, certain breeds stand out as the unrivaled champions of disobedience in the United States. 

Let's explore the top dog breeds that proudly march to the beat of their own drum. 

Hailing from the scent hound family, Beagles are renowned for their independent nature and unwavering determination. 

While their loyalty is unmatched, their penchant for following their noses can lead them astray from obedience training.  

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Beagles have a mischievous streak and a strong sense of curiosity, often causing them to prioritize exploration over commands.  

Their adorable appearance may mask their stubbornness, but Beagle owners know all too well the challenge of keeping these free spirits in line. 

With their striking looks and wolf-like appearance, Siberian Huskies are a breed admired by many.  

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