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This pie is delicious and simple! Add cool whip and chocolate shavings if desired. Megan Jedlicka, Ames, Iowa 

An antipasto salad and Italian sub make the ultimate chopped Italian sandwich! —Portland-based Risa Lichtman 

Blue velvet cake is modeled after red velvet cake, with its velvety texture and wonderful flavor. Then homemade cream cheese frosting is lavishly applied. Hood River, Oregon's Molly Allen 

Malasadas, a sugar-dusted eggy doughnut from Portugal, are popular in Hawaii. Suzanne Podhaizer, St. Johnsbury, Vermont 

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The secret to this crispy Japanese fried chicken recipe is cornstarch coating and double-frying. Monitor oil temperature.  

Start at a lower temperature for the first fry and raise it for the last fry. Milwaukee's Taste of Home Test Kitchen 

Our peach crisp is healthier. This recipe highlights peaches while balancing soft fruit and crispy topping. Hood River, Oregon's Molly Allen 

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