Try These 48 Vintage Summer Cakes! 

Spiced Upside-Down Pineapple Cake This is a gorgeous cake that I usually prepare in my big cast-iron skillet and then transfer to a pizza pan.   

Cake with Pineapple Pudding This is a simple pineapple sunshine cake that my mother used to love to make in the summer. It never lasts very long because it's so nice and pleasant!   

Cake with bananas and cream cheese frosting To create this cake, I freeze ripe fruit that I get on sale. During our family get-togethers and picnics, my banana cake with cream cheese icing is a favorite among the loved ones.  

Cake with Coconut Chiffon This towering cake is made even more visually appealing with toasted coconut. It's a delightful way to end meals any time of year, with its airy texture  

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Cake with Lemon Sheets Convenient cake mix gets a citrus boost from lemon pie filling, and sweetness comes from rich cream cheese icing. I cut this lemon sheet cake into squares and freeze it  

When fresh rhubarb is in season, which is late spring or early summer, I make this vibrant dessert frequently. I use a cake mix to make this rhubarb cake  

I've never had a better cake than this delicious cake with cream cheese frosting. It's also quite easy because it calls for two jars of baby food rather than grated fresh carrots 

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