Two of the Most Priceless Standing Liberty Quarters, Approximately $100 Million USD 

Introduced in 1916, the Standing Liberty quarter emerged as a symbol of American heritage and artistic excellence.  

Designed by renowned sculptor Hermon Atkins MacNeil, the coin features Lady Liberty standing proudly with a shield in her left hand and an olive branch in her right.  

The reverse depicts a majestic eagle in flight, evoking a sense of freedom and patriotism. 

Despite its artistic acclaim, the Standing Liberty quarter underwent several design modifications due to concerns over its susceptibility to wear and tear.  

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Consequently, the mint introduced a recessed version of the coin in 1917, which featured a raised border to protect the date.  

These alterations render certain variations of the Standing Liberty quarter particularly rare and highly sought after by collectors. 

Among the most coveted Standing Liberty quarters is the 1916 edition, known for its low mintage and historical significance.  

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